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Our Projects

Australian Skills and Assessment Centre ( ASAC)  is regularly engaged to devise strategy and implement innovative workplace projects to attract, train and retain talent for business organisations, not for profits and industry groups. The following projects are a snap shot of recent initiatives.  


Empowering young women to pursue a career in the finance industry

ASAC was engaged by The Office of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Office of Women and the Financial Planning Association of Australia to deliver a series of workshops to educate young women about the career opportunities in the finance industry.

Finance has traditionally been viewed as a male domain, however it is now widely acknowledged women are becoming independently wealthier and involved in financial decisions in the home and in life.

The workshops were aimed at senior high school female students and explored the disruption in the finance industry, jobs in demand and ​the benefits for women working in the finance industry. The workshops also showcased various pathways and words of advice from successful women within the finance industry. Click on the left to view the " Career Conversations with Adrienne Duarte and Nicole Sevenich."  



A People Strategy to Inspire, Engage and Retain Employees via Government Incentives

The Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia

(MFAA) identified the need to support the growth of their member's businesses by encouraging the employment of Australian’s in the workplace. To do this, they requested ASAC to devise a career pathway strategy and identify government incentives and recruitment agencies that can assist members to implement the strategy in the most cost- effective manner" 

Project MFAA report 21.PNG


project picture - NRL.PNG

National Rugby League Traineeships with MFAA Members 

National Rugby League and Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) identified an opportunity for selected club players (with and without playing contracts) to be employed as trainee mortgage brokers with MFAA members. ASAC was engaged to design the process and assist with the recruitment and placement of players with MFAA members under the national traineeship system.


Engineering graduates gain work placement 

Monash University engaged ASAC to  place international students studying aeronautical, civil and industrial engineering into a 12 week work placement  within innovative Australian workplaces. The program was an outstanding success with a number of candidates offered employment on the completion of workplacement. 

Conversation Between Colleagues
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