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Our Services

Internships and graduate work placements
We develop bespoke internship and graduate work placement solutions to enable your organisation to attract and retain the right talent. We work with your team to identify strategic pathway's, and design a unique framework to support and nurture your culture and workplace objectives. Our approach also includes the design and development of tailored interview screening assessment tools, candidate profiling, induction, training and mentoring support materials. This ensures your team is equipped with the " road map" tools and techniques for success.  

 Government funding opportunities

The Australian Federal and State Government's are focused on supporting organisations to train, up-skill and retain staff, through various government grants and subsidies.  We will analyse your needs, and align your people strategy with relevant government funding opportunities.We are retained by many clients to provide a quarterly report on the latest government funding. Contact us to find out more.   

 HR and Training Documentation

Organisations looking for a competitive advantage, recognise that "off the shelf" HR and Training documentation rarely align with their strategic goals.

Our team specialise in designing bespoke accredited and non accredited training materials, career pathways, career workshops, job descriptions, policies and procedures and induction tools, specifically to meet your strategic objectives.  Talk to us today!   

About Us


ASAC is a Human Resources consulting organisation, that provides Organisations, Industry Associations, and Community groups with the skills, knowledge and resources to create world class environments for their people to thrive.

We achieve this by designing, developing and implementing bespoke innovative strategies to attract, develop and retain talent and where suitable, with the support of government incentives. 

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